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Trend Alert: How Matisse's Beach Collection is Setting the Bar for Summer Shoe Trends
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Trend Alert: How Matisse's Beach Collection is Setting the Bar for Summer Shoe Trends

Summer time is upon us, and one must look for some fashionable and comfortable shoes that can be worn from sandy shores to crowded promenades. Ta-da! Welcome the Matisse's Beach Collection – a ravishing array of beach brand sandals for the fashion-conscious and comfort-seeking foot. In this blog post, we will explore how Matisse's Beach Collection is on point for summer shoe fashion, functionality, and sustainability.

The Allure of Beach by Matisse Sandals

Matisse has long been focused on ensuring that consumers can find comfortable yet stylish shoes for the free-spirited boho-chic look. The Beach Collection doesn't differ from the given statement. Here's what makes Beach by Matisse sandals a must-have for your summer wardrobe:

1) Stylish Designs: The collection includes everything from traditional flip-flops to fashionable slides, all of which are infused with Matisse spirit. Regardless of whether you like simple shoes or love to make a statement, there is a pair of sneakers for every personality.

2) Quality Materials: Crafted from quality materials, these sandals are built to last through the challenges of beach life. From seawater to sand, Matisse makes sure that their footwear stays long-lasting and fashionable throughout the season.

3) Comfort First: Matisse prioritizes comfort by designing its shoes with cushioned footbeds and supportive soles, ensuring wearers stay comfortable throughout the day.

4) Versatility: With a relaxed and casual feel, the Beach Collection is ideal for the beach or a night out, something that few other brands can provide. These sandals also have the versatility of going with all forms of beachwear and casual summer wear.

Key Pieces from the Collection

1) Tahoe Pull On Boots

The Tahoe Pull-On Boots created by the Beach by Matisse are stylish yet practical and have the spirit of the Wild West in them. With an authentic leather construct and slip-on styling, these boots provide maximum comfort and ease of use. The cushioned insole guarantees comfort for a long time, and the outsole offers durability and good grip. Ideal for everyday wear and rugged excursions, the Tahoe Pull-Out Boots are a fashionable yet functional shoe for any man's shoe collection.

2) Baxter Flat Sandals

The flip flops from the beach by Matisse called the Baxter Flat Sandals are the best example of style with comfort. These are sleek and simple sandals with black straps, which will fit almost any look one might want to sport during summer. The shoes are built for comfort with a smooth footbed, and the exterior is made of materials that can withstand the wear and tear of the day. From walking along the sand to walking around in the city, the Baxter Flat Sandals are perfect for any outing and are a definite must-have for the summertime.

3) Peony Metallic Platform Wedge

The Peony Metallic Platform Wedge Sandals by Matisse under Beach is a must-have footwear for any lady during the hot summer seasons. With a shiny metallic look and a closed-toe design, these sandals bring the glamour factor but also boast a platform wedge for comfort. The ankle strap is flexible, which helps fix the sandal properly, and the footbed is soft, making it comfortable for the whole day. Ideal for enhancing your beach or evening attire, these Peony Metallic Platform Wedge Sandals are stylish and suitable for various occasions.

4) Caravan Platform Sandals

Especially, the Caravan Platform Sandals from Beach by Matisse are exquisitely designed and very comfortable. These sandals have a platform sole, which provides height, and the comfort of the sandals is not in any way affected. The straps are made of soft and flexible material and are braided, providing a comfortable fit and a boho style; the footbed is cushioned to ensure comfort throughout the day. Whether worn on a sunny day at the beach or on a hot summer's day to any outing, the Caravan Platform Sandals are perfect complements to any look, which makes them perfect for the warmer months.

Beach Brand Sandals: The New Standard in Summer Footwear

Matisse's Beach Collection is not only a shoe collection but is the essence of what beach brand sandals should be. Here's why they're setting the standard:

1) Fashion-Forward: Being close to trends, Matisse makes sure that their clothes are fashion-forward, and you will be dressed appropriately for summer.

2) Eco-Conscious: Some of the works in the collection are made out of environmentally friendly material, which is characteristic of Matisse.

3) Functional: Functionality is still present, but this shoe is designed with the wearer in mind in an active summer setting.

Tips for Styling Your Beach by Matisse Sandals

To get the most out of your Beach by Matisse sandals, here are some styling tips:

1) Casual Chic: Pair the Caravan Platform Sandal with a maxi dress and oversized sunglasses for a casual yet chic beach look.

2) Sporty Elegance: Match the Baxter Flat Sandals with a romper and a wide-brim hat for a 

sporty yet elegant outfit.

3) Classic Comfort: The Tahoe Pull-On Boots go perfectly with a bikini and a cover-up for a classic beach ensemble.

Why Matisse's Beach Collection is a Summer Essential

June 26th – June 30th – Hit the Beach with Matisse! These are the ideal days to try all the Beach by Matisse sandals and discover your new summer essentials. Here's why you should consider adding these sandals to your collection:

1) Trendsetter: Matisse knows exactly what's in vogue and guarantees that the clothes are always fashionable so that you can be a fashion icon wherever you are.

2) Comfort: Beach days are long and walking barefoot is not always comfortable thus Matisse provides cushioned footbeds and supportive models.

3) Durability: These sandals are sturdy and durable, perfect for enjoying countless sun-kissed days at the seashore and on summer vacations.

4) Versatility: Whether you are sunbathing by the pool or sightseeing in a beach town, these sandals provide the kind of versatility you require during the summer.


Matisse's Beach Collection is simply a testament to the fact that this season, shoes are going to be rocking summer fashion. The stylish designs, high-quality materials, and focus on comfort and durability make Beach by Matisse sandals the ideal accessory for any summer collection at Shoebacca. From June 26th – June 30th – Hit the Beach with Matisse; be sure to check out the collection and select a pair to go with your beach outfit. If you're going to the beach or simply taking advantage of the sunny days, Matisse offers stylish and comfortable sandals. Thus, seize the opportunity of wearing trendsetting footwear during the summer and get stylish Matisse shoes.



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