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Sandy Toes, Chic Shoes: The Perfect Pairing with Matisse's Beach Collection
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Sandy Toes, Chic Shoes: The Perfect Pairing with Matisse's Beach Collection

Summer is the time for bare feet and tanned bodies, and what better accessory to go with the beach look than a good pair of sandals? Beach brand sandals, which are exclusive to Matisse for a period of June 26 through June 30, will help you enjoy your beach endeavours. Whether you are constructing sand castles, playing volleyball or having a romantic dinner by the beach, Matisse's Beach Collection has a pair of sandals that will complement the activity.

Activities and the Perfect Sandals

1) Making Sandcastles for the Kids

It is quite enchanting to build sand castles with your children when you are on a vacation or holiday. The best type of footwear suited for this activity is none other than Matisse's slide sandals, which are classic. These sandals are easy to wear, and they do not hurt your feet when you are digging, moulding or shaping. The material used makes them strong enough to face the sand and salt water to make them suitable for a day of enjoyment.

2) Playing Beach Volleyball

While planning for a beach game of volleyball, you require well-fitted sandals that are fashionable too. The Matisse strappy sandals are created with an aim of giving a firm grip, making you be free when dancing and without the worry of your shoes coming off. The clothing fashions are that of today so you do not have to forsake appeal for effectiveness and can be fashionable while striking.

3) Exploring Tide Pools

It is a wonderful idea to go through the tide pools, be closer to seawater, and have an eye on the beauty of the sea. Some of the excellent options from Matisse that are friendly to the environment are good for this activity. These are environmentally friendly sandals made of natural materials that provide a good grip on slippery stones and wet ground. Also, they are quick to dry, meaning you can easily interchange between playing and sun tanning on the sand.

Enhancing Your Beach Experience

1) Sunset Strolls

A romantic evening walk on the shore is one of the most beautiful experiences that one can imagine. The embellished sandals by Matisse incorporate the elegance of the stiletto heel to your evening walk. The details are glittering, and they all look very aesthetic when the light hits them; they are perfect fitting for a sunset expedition. They can be worn together with a flowy dress and a light shawl as an outfit which looks elegant and simple.

2) Beachside Dining

Eating by the beach requires shoes that are fashionable and suited for the occasion. The Matisse's Beach Collection is rather diverse and the guest can choose what he or she wants to wear for a casual dinner near the water. Regardless of the slide's simplicity or complexity, these sandals ensure you are comfortable as you enjoy your food with a great view.

3) Beach Yoga

It is refreshing to wake up and exercise with a yoga session along the shores of the beach. Matisse's cushioned footbeds are just what you require during your warm-up stretches before yoga and after your yoga relaxation period. The shoes have a slip-on style, which means that they can be worn easily before and after the practice without any discomfort.

Why Matisse's Beach Collection is a Must-Have

1) Versatility and Style

Matisse's beach brand sandals are uniquely developed to suit different beach activities, hence the need to include them. The stylish outfits always make you feel trendy, whether swimming poolside or strolling along the coast. A pair of Matisse sandals can help you go from one task to another without worrying about the comfort of your feet or how stylish you look.

2) Durability for Endless Fun

Matisse's sandals are made for beach activities, which can really take a toll on any type of shoes. Made from premium materials, these sandals are built to endure sand, saltwater and sun. Its durability ensures that you don't have to necessarily worry about your feet when you are enjoying your summer season at the beach.

3) Eco-Friendly Choices

Sustainability is an aspect that Matisse has expressed in its products in this aspect. When you decide to wear Matisse's Beach by Matisse sandals, you are buying from a company that cares about the environment. These sandals are environmentally friendly. Hence, you will be comfortable in your decision to wear these sandals while enjoying the beach.

Must-Have Collection From Matisse's Beach Collection

1) Solar Platform Slide Sandals

The Solar Platform Slide Sandals from Matisse are comfortable and fashionable footwear to wear during this summer vacation. It has a soft footbed in addition to a rigid platform outsole, which offers superior support for extended use. The shape is elegant, and the colour is universal – you can wear them with swimwear and casual clothes. Whether you are walking barefoot on the sand or having a leisurely walk, the Solar Platform Slide Sandals are perfect for any simple summer outing.

2) Ocean Ave Women Satin Platform Espadrille Flat Sandals

The Ocean Ave Espadrille Platform Sandals by Matisse are my absolute favourite. They look so classy and elegant for summer wear. Especially unique and fashionable, these sandals are made with a braided jute platform, making them the perfect summer shoe. Comfort is provided by the cushioned insole and the ankle strap, which allows for easy adjustment of the shoe's tightness. Great when worn with sundresses or other casual outfits, these shoes can easily be worn from the beach to dinner, making them an essential part of the summer wardrobe.

3) Gem Platform Block Heel Sandals

The Matisse Gem Platform Block Heel Sandals are comfortable shoes, which also have that classy appeal. These sandals include a strong block heel and a comfortable footbed to ensure you wear this shoe for extended periods. The design is quite unisex with a stunning slimline look and metallic detailing that is perfect for everyday wear and black tie events. Whether worn with a dress or nice jeans, the Gem Platform Block Heel Sandals add a little extra flare to any outfit so you can look fabulous and feel fabulous.

4) Mykonos Espadrille Platform Sandals

A popular fashion item perfect for this warm season is the Mykonos Espadrille Platform Sandals by Matisse. These sandals are a timeless design that incorporates the look of an espadrille with jute stitching for summer appeal. The cushioned insole provides comfort, and the adjustable ankle strap controls fit. The Mykonos sandals are ideal for wearing with summer dresses or any casual wear, which are suitable for any event that takes place during warm months and evenings.


Matisse's Beach Collection is perfect for your summer beach trips. From playing sand castles to a romantic sunset walk, these beach-brand sandals are made to complement every activity done near the shore. Don't pass up on the opportunity to enjoy the sun and sand of the beach from June 26 to 30 – Matisse 'Hit the Beach' Week. Learn to love the sand between your toes and fashionable shoes at shoebacca, and let this summer be amazing.



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