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Timberland Pro Work Boots

The job site can be rugged. Unpredictable. Weather can change, liquids can spill, things can fall from scaffolding. Luckily, there’s pretty much nothing that a Timberland PRO® work boot or work shoe can’t handle. This collection of industrial footwear from Timberland has something for everyone. Whether you work in warehousing, oil & gas, construction, rigging, welding, machining, or any other skilled trades that keep you on your feet, you will be able to find the work footwear that’s comfortable and suitable to the unique conditions of your job.

As work footwear needs to be able to adapt to many different kinds of terrain, go from indoors to outdoors, go from dry weather to stormy weather - Timberland PRO® boots are packed with safety and comfort technologies. You can’t work to your full potential if your feet aren’t feeling comfortable, protected and secure.

SAFETY TOES - Most Timberland PRO® pairs of work boots and shoes include a safety toe. This could be heavy-duty steel toe, which offers the most protection; composite toe, which features a lighter weight and is less susceptible to temperature changes; or alloy toe, which feature military-grade aluminum. Soft toe boots are also an option – there is a wide variety of toe types available for every possible jobsite need.

OUTSOLES – Considering the kinds of terrain these boots and shoes have to take on, outsoles are one of the most essential elements of work footwear. Outsoles can range from Vibram® all-weather outsoles designed for frost, to Timberland PRO® Rubber outsoles, which are oil-, slip- and abrasion-resistant.

WATERPROOF – Many Timberland PRO® work boots and shoes feature waterproof leather and/or fully seam-sealed waterproofing, or waterproof membranes. Waterproof leather goes through a special tanning process to repel even more water. Because you can’t worry about puddles or rain when there’s a job to do.

ANTI-FATIGUE TECHNOLOGY – This Timberland® exclusive technology features unique molded foam footbeds which feature an inverted cone design. With every step, shock is reduced and energy is returned to the foot – perfect for those who log long hours on their feet every day.

ELECTRICAL HAZARD PROTECTION – Many pairs of Timberland PRO® footwear feature electrical hazard protection, which provides secondary underfoot protection against live electrical circuits, or conductors. These boots have been tested for US and Canadian safety standards to earn this designation.

Taking care of your feet is absolutely essential when you have a job in the skilled trades, and a quality pair of work boots is an investment. When Timberland PRO® designers are working on the collection, they are thinking about all potential hazards that can come along with unpredictable job sites and creating work boots and shoes that are truly ready for anything that comes their way.

This is why you’ll see a wide variety of Timberland PRO® footwear – from tall steel-toe work boots to more athletic work shoes. In fact, the work sneaker collection has been growing as technology has allowed more and more tech to be incorporated into low-profile work shoes, which allows for a fuller range of motion and lighter-weight materials.

And Timberland PRO® work boots aren’t just for work – if you like to take the weekends and go out into the yard for some raking or brush-clearing, or if you are a woodworking hobbyist, or maybe you even like the look of some of the newer work boots or work sneakers – there’s definitely a pair that can suit you off-the-clock as well. What started years ago as a small collection of specialized work boots has now become a full brand which can accommodate every job, no matter how big or small. Try a new pair of Timberland PRO® work shoes or boots today!



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