SeaVees Shoes and Sneakers

We all have dreams. They begin as a ripple on the surface, build and swell with the tides, come crashing down or even fade away. Sometimes we tell ourselves we’re too young, too old, or just not good enough to pursue them. And that’s when they end up on a shelf.

The SeaVees brand was quite literally put on a shelf for nearly 40 years before our founder discovered a pair at a secondhand shop in Tokyo. The brand was brought back to life and across the Pacific to its original home in California, the state where dreams come true, or in the case of the SeaVees brand, where they would have a second chance. SeaVees believes there’s a sea of possibilities in rediscovering who we are and what we can be.

Seavees Comfort & Durability

SeaVees shoes are made from the highest-quality materials. You'll feel this from the moment you first put on the shoes. They have a power-grip rubber outsole and a contoured foam footbed. For additional protection and comfort, the manufacturers have added extra padding in the heel. These shoes are great for multi-purpose use, and you can find a pair to wear for just about any occasion: hiking, running, athletics and shoes for leisure. You'll get plenty of life out of your SeaVees too. Plus, by the end of the day, your feet will still feel great thanks to the comfortable design.

How To Clean Seavee Sneakers

You'll love your SeaVee shoes so much that you'll work hard to keep them clean. Still, your daily activities may rough them up a bit. But don't worry; it's easy to clean your pair. Simply take a damp cloth to your shoes and gently wipe them off. This should get off any dirt, mud or other debris. For best results, do this daily and as soon as possible after you notice they get dirty. There's no need to use harsh chemicals or put them in the washer.

Seavees Natural Materials

Another hallmark feature of SeaVees is their material. Not only do the shoes look great, but they're made of materials that won't harm the environment. You can find some items made from calf hair, while others may be constructed of suede. Leather is another popular choice of material that you can find in many SeaVees shoes.

What Makes a Sneaker Seavees

Choosing the right shoe isn't always easy. You want something that stands out and that you know will look great and perform well. SeaVees are an excellent choice and combine comfort and longevity. The shoes come in a wide range of styles and colors, so no matter what your preferences are, there's something in store for you. The shoes pass the eyeball test, and they also keep your feet feeling great even after you wear the pair all day long. The shoes will grip any surface effectively, so you can feel sure on your feet no matter where you are.

Seavees Sizing & Fit

Like other shoes at Shoebacca, your SeaVees have a generous selection of sizes, whether you're looking for men's or women's options. If you need extra-wide sizes, SeaVees can accommodate those as well. On the Shoebacca site, it indicates every shoe and what sizes are available in the item.
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