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Diba True Shoes

Diba True® is a mainstream brand of proven fashion footwear made for sustainable consumers. “Diba,” an acronym for Dutch design, Italian artistry, Brazilian manufacturing, and American ingenuity. True craftsmanship is at the core of their collection that merges classic and contemporary design with quality and comfort as the foundation. From concept to creation each pair is designed to meet the Real-Life needs of a fashion-conscious consumer. The fashion-conscious consumer understands that fashion isn't just about looking good. It's about making responsible choices that help preserve our planet and its resources.

Sustainable fashion is one of the most important movements in the fashion industry today, and Diba True is proud to be a part of it. Diba True creates sustainable, fashion-forward footwear for women. Their shoes are made from sustainable materials like recycled tires and organic cotton, and they use low-impact manufacturing processes. No matter where you are on your journey, Diba True footwear is along for the ride. Put your best foot forward in fashion footwear designed with genuine leather materials, at the best value.

What’s in a Diba True® Shoe?

As often as possible Diba True uses a chrome-free tanning process and natural leather materials. Diba True encourages their factories to use eco-friendly raw material processes using eco-friendly products and components and to limit using materials that could end up in landfills. We have completely eradicated the use of hard plastics in our packaging. Diba True visits their factories twice per year to make sure our code of conduct, maintenance, and waste management standards are met. Diba True shoe boxes are made from mostly recycled materials & are recyclable. They are made using soy and plant-based inks and are assembled without glue. Diba True is constantly working on creating more eco-friendly packaging for all their brands.

Diba True® -For Real Life



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