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Recent Reviews

  1. 10 by The boss

    It's really awesome!

  2. Bitter Diasspointment by Kronos48

    After coming from the old school generation, Puma, you did a lousy job of showing what made you what you are! Being canvas, my expectations were sad when I tried on these 'want-a-be' famous old school light-weight running shoe. Too wide, shoe laces too long, but having the right impression to bring the old school back. Uh-uh, didn't work. Your old school competition is still ahead of you, PUMA. Shift gears and get back to where this generation can learn from us "old schoolers"!

  3. Best socks by jl

    Best socks ever. Please get more in stock.

  4. The best! Real quality by Teresa

    I've been wearing Bass since the 9th grade and that was in 80! And back then believe me you were rich if you were wearing a pair of Bass sandals and wearing a pair of Calvin Klein jeans ! That was the thing and still is! lol I get a new pair every year !!

  5. good stuff by R.A.C

    I give it 5 stars easy to find!