Edward Tuttle and his good friend Frank Page, graduates of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology joined into a partnership called the Northwestern Knitting Company. In 1919, Page & Tuttle's Northwestern Knitting Company changed its name to The Munsingwear Corporation. This re-incarnation of the company would become the largest garment manufacturer of its kind in the world. In 1955, after talking to 240 golf professionals about their apparel needs, The Company introduced the very first knit golf shirt. The Grand Slam® golf shirt with the famous Penguin® emblem and underarm "action gusset transformed the game of golf from a dressy affair into the casual sport it is today. In 1997, the Page & Tuttle® brand was born. Initially positioned as an upscale brand bearing the logo of golf courses and resorts. What began over 100 years ago has now become a premium apparel line known in most green grass golf shops. Known for high tech features such as Solar Shield UPF30+ protection, Cool Swing outstanding moisture control for wicking, and Free Swing patented inverse technology for freedom of movement.


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