The Adidas brand is commited to helping their customers perform at their best. They strive to be a global leader in the sporting goods industry through continuously strengthening their products & offerings. Adidas holds high status worldwide as it competes with countless top brands in the market. This strong competitive drive was birthed from the brands founder, Adolf Dassler. Adolf understood the value of hard work & continous improvement. These core values remain at the heart of the Adidas brand today is evident in every product the brand creates.

Made with Prima Loft technology which means a floss technology. Water resistant, warm and windproof. More: The isolating material is a so called short-threaded synthetic type. Protected with a unique patent, the polyester threads model synthetic floss which is then treated with DWR. These specialy treated threads make the PrimaLoft isolation very warm and it can be compressed very good yet it is still very light even wet because it doesn't absorb humidity and therefore doesn't change in properties. The principle of operation is like the flosses but it is not made out of polyester instead of horn and therefore it is hydrophobic. The big surface can keep much air which is warmed by the body's heat. Because of the great surface the isolation won't let the air and so the body cool down and conserves the body's heat.

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  1. Matchcourt High Rx
    Matchcourt High Rx

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    Was $80.00

  2. J Wall 2 Boost J
    J Wall 2 Boost J

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  3. Damian Lillard 2 Youth
    Damian Lillard 2 Youth

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  4. Gazelle

    Save $30

    Was $90.00

  5. Equipment Support 93
    Equipment Support 93

    Save $98

    Was $143.00

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