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adidas Customer Reviews

  1. Super Review by Read

    I am reviewing the only review of the product. The description of the shoe clearly says 'Canvas' so why would you think or expect this shoe to be anything else? You say that you would have given it five stars if it was suede. I say I'd give it 2 stars if it was suede not because it wouldn't be awesome in suede but because they shoe states that it is canvas and if I got a suede shoe when I was looking for canvas I'd be pretty pissed. The shoe also does not in any way look like it might be canvas. As far as I can tell the only thing you looked at was the price since both the shoe and the description says canvas. Next time you want to buy something please do some reading!!!!

  2. Nice shoes but... by Michelle

    These shoes are not "SUEDE". Bummer!! However, very comfortable, and true to fit. I give a five star rating if they were suede.

  3. Excellent! by JOHN

    These sneakers are really crazy the best,the quality feels tough and durable and not made of cheap material,bought two of these.Nice buy thnx sellers.


adidas Brand History

adidas is an innovative brand constantly working to improve in style, efficiency, overall comfort, and performance. It holds high status worldwide as it competes with other top brands like Nike to be seen on and off sports fields and courts and branded into the hearts of generations. Such a competitive drive was birthed from the brands founder, Adolf Dassler, who went by Adi for short. Adi learned the worth of hard work through his father’s career at a shoe factory and mothers in laundry.

After returning from World War I Adi began to produce sport shoes in his mothers wash kitchen and soon after was joined by his brother, Rudolf, and in July of 1924 they opened the Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory. In 1936 Adi Dassler arrived at the summer Olympics with spikes and persuaded U.S. sprinter Jesse Owens to use them in his race. Not only had the brothers proven their business to be the first to sponsor an African American, but immediately ignited a demand from National teams when Owens won four gold medals! Before World War II, the brother had sold over 200,000 pairs!

Unfortunately, their success as a team was soon to come to an end when the brothers made a clean break in 1947. Rudolf who often went by Rudi formed Ruda, which later became Puma and Adi formed Adidas AG on August 18, 1949. While the brothers never reconciled, they remained competing brands, even after the Dassler rule ended its reign.

Over the years the company has evolved and in 1997 acquired Salomon Group and changed the corporate name to adidas-Salomon AG, under which, he also acquired Taylor made Golf company and Maxfli, finally giving adidas the edge they needed to compete with Nike Golf. The company eventually sold their partnership with the Salomon Group and partnered up with Reebok in order to compete with Nike becoming the number two athletic shoe maker worldwide.

On an unstoppable path to success, adidas acquired outdoor action sport performance brand Five Ten and ended 2012 with the highest revenues ever reported!

Currently adidas is dominating in running shoes thanks to technology for competitive advantage, some of which is adiprene for comfort, formotion for moving heel to toe, climawarm for outdoor running in winter, climacool for extra breathe, and pro-moderator for walking on the inside of your foot off. They are also using their technology to improve upon their performance apparel.

Adidas has endorsed football legends, such as Lionel Messi, Mesut Ozil, and Xavi Hernandez along with NBA greats Tim Duncan and Derrick Rose to name a few.

It’s time to take pride in joining the adidas memorable journey and become a key part in creating its successful future!