Christmas time is fast approaching. Every store has begun to deck their aisles with decorations. Holiday music is taking over elevators and local radio stations. Family and friends gather round inevitably asking each other, "What do you want this Christmas season?" Here at Shoebacca we are asking the same questions!

As I make my list of what to get others, I realize I now have 4 nephews all in need of something awesome. My sister has made a request for fewer toys this year. As I have always been one for things that are both practical AND fun, this year I decided shoes would be ideal. What a great gift for growing boys, right? Plus not having to worry about one pair of killer kicks helps any parent's budget. These shoes should also reflect their personalities.

My oldest nephew is the leader of the pack and follows in his father's footsteps as much as possible. I think it is time for his first pair of Chucks, red ones, his favorite color of course.

Nephew number 2 is a little ladies man. He likes to wear vests and ties. Vans Classic Slip-Ons will provide comfort and style when he decides to "suit up."

Nephew number 3 is an indestructible bear who needs shoes that can handle anything. The adidas Adifaito should keep him running.

As for the youngest... well, he's not walking yet so maybe some nice warm socks.

Enough about me, let's get to the Staff! Our dapper gent Shawn is hoping for a pair of Nike Air Jordan 11 "Legend Blue". The shoe doesn't release until December 20th but he is looking forward to it. In Shawn's own words "Simply the hottest pair of Js releasing this year. It's a clean look and they haven't released this pair in YEARS."

Ro's Christmas wish is to be warm. Poor thing, she's cold most of the time in the office. In fact, she keeps an office blanket! So what should she do when it's cold outside? A pair of Shearling boots would be perfect to keep her tootsies warm on chilly days like these. Bearpaw offers a great selection of shearlings to choose from!

Our fearless leader Fafnir is wishing to up his ante in the style game. He is looking for a pair of dress shoes to class up his closet. He is thinking possibly a pair of Giorgio Brutini Downing - sleek lines and neutral colors to go with just about anything, and slip-ons to boot, for those days when you are in a rush but still want to go with style.

Mark's holidays are looking so bright, he wants sunglasses as to not be blinded by the gleam. Whilst perusing options his eye lands on Oakleys. The unisex Pitbull eyewear made with polycarbonate material would be a flawless fit for this fine fellow.

Of course the list would not be complete without knowing what I'd like for Christmas too. I love ballet flats. They are comfortable, practical, and stylish. I have been drooling over the Puma Zandy NM. The various textures and POP of color makes this simple style really stand out. Definitely fitting my practical and fun outlook.

With the use of Amazon wish lists and social media we may just get what we are hoping for. What are you looking forward to getting/giving this holiday season?