The holidays can leave us trapped indoors in a turkey coma. Family from out of town is staying with you and well everyone is getting a little stir-crazy. Don’t let the cold keep you from fun. There are plenty of things you and your family can to do to relieve cabin fever. Our recommendation is to get off the couch and as a family enjoy activities that you can only do in the winter.

If you and your family are adventurous, try learning something - like curling! Watching Winter Olympics I find myself thinking, “Hey that looks like fun” and, “I could do that.” I was flabbergasted to find out that there was a place near me I could go take curling classes. It is definitely on my list of things to do with family and friends this winter.

Feeling a little silly? Take the kiddos to an ice skating rink. While circling the rink start singing songs from ‘Frozen’ and see how many people join in.

Not so adventurous? If you are lucky enough to be in a place where it snows, why not have a snowman building contest among your family. The person who makes the best snowman gets the most marshmallows in their hot cocoa. Or first slice of pumpkin pie! Growing up in Texas sometimes the only place the snow would stick was the hood of your car. So my sister and I would improvise and build tiny snowmen (less than a foot high) on neighborhood cars.

If competitions aren’t your thing, why not find a hill and go sleddin? Sledding is something the entire family can enjoy. Keep warm though with layers and warm shoes with a good tread.

Maybe you just want to get out of the house, but not necessarily spend time outside. Understandable. For most places, winter is winter because… well… It’s Cold! So pack up the family and check out your local museum! Not only are they warm, but many are packed full of fun, interact-ve exhibits (read: education masked as games.)

Regardless of where you live and what your family is like, one thing remains the same: you don't have to stay cooped up with them! Get out there and go somewhere, or just get out there! Whatever you do, have fun and enjoy the holidays!