They say you can't you can't judge a book by its cover, but I believe you can judge a person by their shoes. If you think about it, often times when you walk by someone you don't know, you look down at their shoes and make a judgment about what type of person they may be.
What does your sole say about you?

If you only had a pair of someone's most used shoes, I'm sure you could make a pretty good guess about what type of personality they have and some of their characteristics. The color, style, brand, and condition of the shoes a person decides to wear can help you make basic assumptions like age range, gender, general professional field, financial status and other personality traits.

For example if a guy is wearing a pair of CAT Steel Toe you can assume he probably works outdoors or in the construction field. If he's wearing a pair of Giorgio Brutini you can probably assume he works in an office environment.

A woman wearing a pair of these CC Corso Como Palomar could be considered a woman that loves to dress up, likes to be stylish yet simple. If she wearing a pair of these Puma Sky Wedge you could probably assume she's more laid back and probably prefers a pair of jeans over a dress or skirt.

P.S. Fellas remember to pay attention to your shoes, it can get you Brownie points or it can be the deal breaker for that special lady you’ve worked so hard to get a date with. :)