Halloween is one week out and - if you remember from last week - we here at SHOEBACCA are EXCITED! Halloween is a company favorite around here so naturally we had to carve pumpkins!

The marketing & tech departments got together and carved three pumpkins total. Sure, this is no big deal since nearly 170 Million Americans celebrate Halloween - so why share our pumpkin carving endeavors? To show that SHOEBACCA has an awesome company culture? To make us seem relatable by practicing American Halloween traditions? Because pumpkin carving is downright FUN?!

Well, all of those are true, but herein lies the rub: WE had a newbie in our midst!

Meet Shawn. He's our Senior IT Administrator. He also moved here from Belize when he was a teen. Now well into his 20s, we as his comrades in Life and at SHOEBACCA get the wonder of reliving our childhoods through him.

So we carved some pumpkins. Sarah and I helped out as well, acting as wisened guides from our 20+ years of carving experience. (You SHOULD remember us from Last Week's Blog: Night Of The Living Keds).

Needless to say, fun times were had by all! Check out the photos - and pumpkins! - below.