So maybe hiking isn't your thing. Maybe there isn't anywhere scenic to hike or the hiking trails are boring and uneventful. We believe that you're just not thinking outside the box. Hiking is about getting out of the city and into nature. Try a nature preserve or a local patch of forest to stimulate your interest. We promise that hiking is an amazing adventure with very little cost.

With that being said, hiking is a great motivator for travel! There are tons and tons of great places in the world to see by foot. Many are urban-scapes but many more are in the wild (although never too far from the comforts of civilization!) Here are our top 5 places to hike in the world:

#5) The Grand Canyon | Arizona, USA

The Grand Canyon is one of the gems of natural wonder in the US. Thanks to President Theodore Roosevelt, the Grand Canyon has been under protection as a National Monument for over a century. Hikers and casual tourists alike flock to its natural and awe-inspiring beauty. The canyon side is littered with accommodations and tour opportunities, in addition to several hiking trails.

#4) Mt. Fuji | Kanagawa Prefecture, JAPAN

Mt. Fuji - or Fujisan - is the highest mountain in Japan. It's located roughly 60 miles south of Tokyo and can be seen from the city on a clear day! Mt. Fuji is lauded for its symmetrical cone shape and is one of the iconic symbols for Japan. There are 4 trails leading to the summit of the mountain. Each are color coded for ease of use, and cabins are dotted along the mountainside for over-night stay. It is recommended to stay 1 night in a cabin both on the ascent and descent to help cope with altitude adjustment.

#3) Uluru/Ayers Rock | Northern Territory, AUSTRALIA

Ayers Rock - or Uluru as the indigenous people call it - is an iconic sandstone formation, located centrally in Australia. The indigenous people Anangu are the traditional owners of Uluru and regard it with great reverence as a place of spiritual power. Because of this, they do not climb Ayers Rock, nor do they encourage tourists to do so. Still, people from far and wide scale the steep rock-face for an incredible view of the surrounded area.

#2) Trolltunga (Troll's Tongue) | Hordaland, NORWAY

Trolltunga is one of the most iconic tourist spots in Norway. Translated to English, Trolltunga means Troll's Tongue, as it is a thin, jutting mountain-side precipice overlooking lake Ringedalsvatnet. It is located approximately 100 miles from Bergen, Norway's second largest city. The hike through the mountains to Trolltunga itself is about a 9 hour roundtrip walk.

#1) Machu Picchu | Urubamba, PERU

Machu Picchu is heralded as one of the greatest hiking destinations of the world. Known to the world for over a century, Machu Picchu has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site for over 30 years. The trek itself takes 4-days round trip but features a lovely view by foot (some by bus!) of the wonderful Cuzco countryside and jungles.