Equinox comes from the latin aequus, meaning equal, and nox, meaning night. The equinox marks the calendar year in which the day and night are of equal length. Pagans and various religious have either harvest or commemorative celebrations around this time. We here at Shoebacca also celebrate the Spring Equinox for one thing - the days just get longer from here!

With shortening days comes extended periods of daylight! And that means getting outside to Get Fit, Get Active. Spring is the best season to enjoy the great outdoors! No need to wear heavy, bulky winter clothes, trudging along through the snow in boots that collectively weight 10 lbs. No need to crank the AC as the sun has yet to achieve its full power. So any attempts to cook eggs on the sidewalk or pizza on your dashboard are not necessary.

So while the sun shines moderately and balmy breezes blow, why not enjoy the bounty of mother earth as she comes into her own?

Nothing is more enjoyable that taking a walk or bike ride through your local park! See all the fresh new flowers blossoming or enjoy the budding trees. Don't forget your allergy medicine, but especially don't forget a pair of leisurely canvas shoes! You don't need anything heavy-duty like an extra-padded pair of running sneakers. Something casual like a slip-on on or even a classic pair of Chuck Taylors (this month's Shoe of the Month) are all you need to stroll along.

Or maybe you're into all this March Mayhem that's going on. That's great! Spend your evenings indoors watching the games, but spend your days or weekends or other free time outside shooting some hoops. But how are you gonna bring your A-Game when you've got B-Shoes? Make sure your shoe game is on point with a new pair of Jordans. Or go old-school with a pair of Puma Suede Classics.

Okay so Parks & Recreation don't really float your boat. But boating does! Nothing like the bright morning light dancing on the crest of a wave as it breaks against the bow. Why not look your best while you feel your best! Stay safe with a pair of deep-tread loafers as you lounge on deck. Try a pair of of GBX Ayce on for size!

Whether you're riding the waves, relaxing all cool, or shooting some B-Ball outside of the school, do it all in style with a new pair of shoes. Most importantly, though, DO SOMETHING! Get Going. Go Outside. And Remember: Get Fit, Get Active.