Everyone knows getting (and staying) in shape is not an easy to do. It takes hard work, dedication, and a focus of will. But don't take that as discouragement, instead its a challenge to build a better you!
Now thats easy to say, but how to turn thought to action? Let's face it, the gym can be boring, and theres only so many times you can walk around the same path at a carefully sculpted park. So today we are going to look at some activities that are not the norm, but might grab you and inspire you to your own personal greatness.

1. Rock Climbing

Credit: Wikipedia

Nothing quite epitomizes man vs. nature as rock climbing, and nothing feels quite the same after you get the view from the top of something you conquered with your own two hands. Getting out to a mountaintop is not something must people can do before they head back into the office Wednesday morning, so to get started, and to get going, many cities have indoor rock climbing walls. Offering memberships just like regular gyms, they bring you as much rock climbing as you might want, and a full nights sleep in your own bed!

2. Paintball

Credit: DFW Adventure Park

For those more into team sports (and ones that are a bit closer to home) paintball lets you work closely with your best friends, or shoot them, depending on your preferences (or payback for eating the last of the leftovers.) Obstacle course mixed with dodgeball is any easy way to think of it. (that sounds fun too!) Paintball parks offer a variety of fields with everything from mock villages to woods to run through. Games tend to be short, so you can play as many or as few fit your personal preference, with hardcore players have events that run an entire weekend straight.

3. Obstacle runs

Credit: Warrior Dash

People think 5k's can be boring. Not when your 5k's include fire! The new trend is to spice up the 5k for those who think a normal one is too boring, or not extreme enough. Offering obstacles from a swim through the lack, slogging through mud, wall climbs, and yes, literally leaping over fire, obstacle runs have taken off and massive events drawing thousands of people. Usually including live concerts and vendors, you can bring the entire family to watch you get covered in mud. (Assuming you can't convince them to run with you)

4. Kayaking

Credit: Wikipedia

Kayaking, or as I like to say 'the most fun you can have sitting down' Is one of those sports that has an entire range of extremes. Everyone has a nearby lake, and many offer kayak rentals if you want to give a shot to traveling about. Bring a picnic lunch and explore inlets and islands you probably sped right by the last time you were on a speedboat. Of course like everything else, there is always the more extreme version, and if it becomes your passion, you will start searching for the white waters that you can careen down!