Here at, Halloween is a HUGE Holiday. In fact, it's a company favorite. I mean, what's not to like? There's free candy. You can dress up however you want. Even mild co-worker harassment is accepted! (Cube-orhood trick-or-treating, anyone?)

The Cube-orhood, all decked out.

That being said, we try to incorporate the season's sense of fun and mischief into our company brand and culture - Hence the Night of the Living Keds.

Keds are a comfy, versatile shoe that can you can easily dress up or down. Because of that versatility, they can be blended into any outfit - Costumes included!

Sure -- Frankenstein's monster didn't wear a pair of Champion Slip-ons, but if you went to the trouble of body-paint and latex-applied neck bolts, then people are going to be forgiving for your shoe-fashion faux pas (or they should be - Warning: Your lax choice of shoes may be greeted with pitchforks and fire.)

We obviously had to make tribute to the cult-classic Night of the Living Dead with the help of our friends over at Zombicide. Zomibicide is a tabletop, zombie-survival board game for 1-6 players. The base game alone starts with 71 miniatures (as seen in the shoot)! The main photo was featured on our Social Media outlets, but check out the rest of our pics below (staff cameos included!)