Everyone has their favorite hobby. Mine’s paintball. You might remember this one from earlier this year.

This is me, wandering the woods during a scenario game. Full day events with hundreds of people hunting through the woods.
I believe that your shoes are one of the most important parts of playing paintball. When you are in the woods full of sinkholes, fallen branches, and other ankle bending nightmares, you really need to have the right shoes. My old boots had started to come apart, so it was time for something new, and this was my first game with my new Belleville Khybers.

I broke em in over the week at work, and then took em out last weekend for a 400 man game at DFW Adventure Park. A great paintball field with some nice deep woods full of brush to hunt people in.

The main difference of these Belleville’s I personally really loved was that instead of simply having hooks on the upper two or three lace points, they were actually full eyes, which means when I did have to retie my shoes out in the middle, it was a quick affair and it didn’t hamper me too much on the run.

The multi-cam pattern which fit the rest of my gear, along with the breathability these things had mean that they stayed looking great and kept my feet feeling great too. It was a long weekend, but I didn’t end up with a single blister which is always nice.

I don’t get new boots often, so it’s always something I try to be careful in my pick. I have to say so far i’m pretty happy. A year from now I’ll let you know how the durability is.