While the Nike swoop might be considered the most recognizable brand logo, there is probably one burned even further in the public consciousness that you don't realize is even a logo. That little Crocodile (not to be confused with an Alligator) you see on shirts everywhere was first put there by Rene Lacoste in the 1930's.

One of the first to put a logo on their clothing (Only a swimsuit company claims that distinction earlier), Lacoste started as many sports clothing lines do, with an athlete. Rene Lacoste was one of The Four Musketeers, tearing up the court in the 1920's and 1930's. Originally focusing on changing sportswear for tennis, it quickly became popular in other sports, and we all now know them as Polo shirts. Lacoste has expanded into many things over the years, from its Challenge fragrance for men (currently faced by Hayden Christensen) through pants, and to our personal favorite, shoes! While Lacoste obviously focuses on tennis shoes (So ubiquitous now, its not a sport type, its just the basic shoe type!) they have a little of everything. From their Lacoste SHERBROOKE 9 with its simple and traditional dress shoe style to casual boots Lacoste brings you 'un peu d'air sur terre' (A litte air on Earth) when nothing but the original will quite do.