The Spartan Race

"Spartan Race was created with a simple, yet important, mission in mind. That mission is to get people back to their primal roots. To do what they were designed to do: run, jump, climb and sweat." Taken straight from the Spartan Race website. The race itself was founded in 2010 and is now present in over 10 countries. Most Spartans are available in 3 different segments: the Sprint (3+mi, 15+ obstacles), the Super (8+mi, 20+ obstacles), and the Beast (12+mi, 25+ obstacles). There are even races available for children! It all depends on the location.

Colorado Sprint • May 2 • Carson, CO
Citi Field Sprint • May 9 • New York, NY
Montana Beast • May 9 • Bigfork, MT
Austin Super • May 9 • Burnet, TX
Montana Sprint • May 10 • Bigfork, TX
Austin Sprint • May 10 • Burnet, TX
Indianapolis Sprint • May 16 • Lauren, IN
Austin Sprint • May 16 • Burnet, TX
Austin Super • May 17 • Burnet, TX
Miller Park Sprint • May 23 • Milwaukee, WI
Tri-State New York Sprint • May 30-31 • Tuxedo, NY
Ohio Beast • May 30 • Cumberland, OH
Ohio Sprint • May 31 • Cumberland, OH

The Biggest Loser RunWalk

"The Biggest Loser RunWalk is a non-intimidating race series designed to challenge America to get fit." Much like the Spartan, the Biggest Loser RunWalk is compromised of 3 different series: the Six Flags series, the Premier Destination series, and the Off-road Challenges. The Premier Destination series is their featured half marathon & 5k races. The Six Flags series is.. well, basically their Premier Destination series hosted at Six Flags amsusement parks. And the Off-Road Challenges are just set on trail runs with obstacle courses (and hosted at Spartan Race locations!).

Premier Destination • May 3 • Crown Point, IN
Premier Destination • May 31 • Plattsburgh, NY

The WipeOut Run

Inspired by the hit TV Show, the WipeOut Run was design to be a fun yet engaging (NOT BRUTAL) 5k experience, encouraging people to enjoy the challenge of physical activity. Run the 3.1 mile course yourself, taking on the 12 obstacles alone, or race your team mates to the finish line for an added layer of challenge.

May 9 • San Diego, CA

The DirtyGirl 5k MudRun

The DirtyGirl 5k MudRun was created to encourage women to embrace athleticism and the outdoors. As such, it was the first of now only a handful of national races exclusively for women. While obesity is just as likely to occur in men as it is in women (36% of adults are considered obese), women are twice as likely as men to be considered extremely obese.

May 2 • Scranton, PA
May 17 • Virginia Beach, VA
May 30 • Greensboro, NC

The Warrior Dash

Warrior Dash is one of the largest international races at only 6 years young, located on 4 continents across the world. The able few who are can conquer this grueling course are rewarded with Tshirt, Warrior Helmet & Medal, and revelries to celebrate their accomplishment!

May 2 • Amity, AR
May 2 • Inola, OK
May 16 • Mechanicsville, MD
MAy 16 • Millfield, OH

The Color Run

The Color Run is a newly-created 5k event, forming only in 2012! It was founded to encourage novices to join the running community, and serves as a fun introductory event! The shower of color was inspired by Holi, an ancient Hindu Festival of love.

May 2 • Ft. Lauderdale, FL
May 2 • Shreveport, LA
May 10 • Seattle, WA
May 16 • Austin, TX
May 16 • Medford, OR
May 16 • Savannah, GA
May 16 • Central Jersey, NJ
May 17 • Eau Claire, WI
May 17 • Washington, DC
May 23 • Rochester, NY
May 23 • San Jose, CA
May 23 • Baltimore, MD
May 23 • Fayetteville, NC
May 23 • Fort Wayne, IN
May 23 • Nashville, TN
May 23 • Queens, NY
May 23 • Racine, WI
May 30 • Birmingham, AL
May 30 • Charlotte, NC
May 30 • Hershey, PA - Sold Out
May 30 • Kansas City, MO
May 30 • Fairbanks, AK
May 31 • Hershey, PA
May 31 • Boston, MA

The Color FunFest

The Color FunFest is more or less the Color Run but run by a different company, although the Color FunFest puts more emphasis on the availability of evening running. Like with any great idea, multiples will popup! Choices are great, though, as that makes variety and availability much more widespread. While the Color Run may not be present in a certain city, The Color FunFest (or any other comparable color 5k) will most certainly be there!

May 2 • Miami Gardens, FL
May 9 • Tulsa, OK
May 30 • Madison, IL

DIVAS Half Marathon & 5K Series

Another Girls' Club 5k run! This time without the mud. The DIVAS Half Marathon & 5k series offers something for newbies and veterans alike - all from the comfort of a nicely paved race course.

May 17 • Branson, MO
May 31 • San Fransisco Bay, CA

Tough Mudder

The Tough Mudder is by no means a novice event - though that doesn't mean you cannot try! It is roughly 3 times the length of a 5k, coming it at about 18-20km (10-12mi), and it doesn't stop there. The whole course is littered with obstacles specifically designed to play into basic human fears (fire, deep water, electricity, and heights.) Not for the faint of heart, or the financially challenged! Tickets start around the $100 mark.

May 2 & 3 • Smithville, TX
May 2 & 3 • Fairburn, GA
May 9 & 10 • Richmond, IL
May 9 & 10 • Lexington, OH
May 16 • Okemah, OK
May 16 & 17 • Pulaski, TN