Sometimes you just gotta get away. No matter how much fun it is to work at Shoebacca, you just have to escape from the day to day and as we like to say ‘follow your feet.’

So I decided to escape the heat of a Texas summer by exploring somewhere I’ve never been. I’ve always heard New England was nice, and what better time to experience a place with high’s that are lower than our lows here?

I spent the week in Boston and traveling Massachussets and Rhode Island. Some people ask why, but you can hardly ask why not! Boston is one of those cities that is gorgeous simply because it has held on to its history. Instead of ripping down buildings and replacing them with something ‘functional’ they try to keep the history in a place which is naturally alive with it.

While Boston is home to America’s oldest subway, what good is following your feet if you don’t walk everywhere? The city proper is not only small enough that you can walk across it in a reasonable time, its gorgeous enough its nearly impossible not to want to!

Of course if at the end of your day, your too tired to make it back, the pedicabs will be more than happy to get you home, or anywhere else you might still want to go!

Traveling the Boston harbor and doing everything from visiting Old Ironsides herself to sailing on a old style Schooner at sunset would seem to be enough, but Boston isn’t far enough into the Atlantic for me personally. So I took a trip out to Block Island in Rhode Island. 15 odd miles off the coast, and not as well known as Nantucket or Martha’s Vineyard, but the sheer Modehegan Bluffs (check spelling) and inviting beaches make for a great trip where you can hike, bike, or moped about the island.

The boss made me come back to the office this week, but not before I made sure Shoebacca left its mark as far east as I can. I wonder if I can get him to let me do the same thing somewhere on the Oregon coastline next year? It can’t get more coast to coast than that!