One of the sure indicators that Summer is here is the arrival of Father's Day. For me, it's not only a special day to reflect on the intangible gifts my father handed down to me as I grew up, but also to pause and express my thanks to the universe for my amazing daughter, Hannah. Being a father is one of those things you just can't comprehend until you become one. It's how landing on the moon looks to the rest of us: you can't truly feel it until you live it.

But, enough from my end. Here's a few words from fellow Shoebaccians about what Father's Day means to them:

Jessica Jones, Customer Service: Breakfast and a day full of corny Dad Jokes :)

Robert Schlachter, President: Father's Day means spending the day with the ones I love most. Exercising, fishing, eating and drinking and just hearing them call me Dad!

Jessica Contreras, Customer Service: Father's day, to me, means celebrating the man who played such a big role in my life and showed me so much unconditional love. My dad showed me the importance of family and hard work as I watched him work so hard to take care of us and give us what we needed. He's my hero :)

To all of the Dads out there, here's wishing you a great Father's Day Weekend from The Big Shoe.