Employee Spotlight: Fafnir - Web Dude I've never been much of a shoe guy. I always enjoyed learning new things, but never really dug into shoes till I got here. They were just something you put on your feet. I wore loafers because I didn't have to worry about tying them. I wore the cheapest thing that would go on my feet to keep a piece of glass out. Since being here I've spent a lot more time understanding shoes. Why these are oxfords, even though I thought of them as sneakers. (It's the leather construction) I had never even thought to ask 'What is a midsole?' before, because I didn't even know there was such a thing. So when my old daily sneakers fell apart, I broke my habit of finding a bargain bin bottom of the line, and instead went looking for a good fit. I wanted something that I could wear anywhere. I go from the office to work on hobbies that end with me covered in mud and sawdust. If I have to stop to change shoes every time I change plans, it quickly would become a nightmare. I went with the All Black Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Ox because I could wear them to anything short of a full suit without a worry. Easy to clean, and a style that has lasted lifetimes.
Converse M5039
Everyone knows Converse has a huge selection of colors, but I went with black on black because I simply don't want to have to worry about it matching every day. As I branch out more, I might try something with some different personality, but I figure i'm doing good to actually think about it, instead of picking the first thing in my size. #TransformationTuesday brought me a long way don't you think? Converse Upgrade