What’s better than paintball? The worlds largest paintball game. Everyone has something they do to try and stay fit. For me, its paintball. Credit: DFW Adventure Park

Sitting in front of the computer all week makes me itch to get moving on my weekends. Most weekends you’ll find me at my local paintball park trying my best to get them before they get me. No one can argue its not exercise when the adrenaline gets pumping and you never know whats around that next corner.
But throughout the year, even better than rec ball, there are scenario events. Events where you spend 8+ hours on the field playing without downtime. Some you may only get 100 guys or so, but once a year, down south the largest game we get to go to is D-day Oklahoma.

Credit: http://rangers.apservices.org

Better than 2000 people gather over 1200 acres to duke it out over miniature sections of ‘Normandy’ with the Colleville church and Pegasus Bridge being major points of contention. The hills of Northeast Oklahoma leave your legs exhausted and wishing to just give up, even an hour or two into the day.
While a few players still wear cleats, hiking boots or combat boots are the order of the day. With grass up to your shoulder in some places, and enough poison ivy and ticks to make a dog blink, you really don’t want to leave a inch of skin uncovered.
D-day is unique in that in actually runs a full week, and so its where I spend some of my vacation time, away from the grind and out where fresh air rules supreme. Everyone has to find their active. And this is certainly one of mine!