During a break today, I was talking with my coworker, Elda, about our kids and how back to school is already upon us. Of course, working at Shoebacca, we've got miles of shoes from which to choose to make sure our kids feet are complete for that big first day back. (Reminds me of syncing up my sneaker color scheme to whatever Geranimals my mom would let me pick out for the first day back to elementary... but anyway...)

Turns out Elda's kids have already picked out a couple of pairs: the Nike Free 5.0 Grade School running shoe in orange and the Nike Free 5.0. The mesh thing is big with the youth set these days. My girl's headed to a magnet arts school and definitely needed an upgrade for her first day of 7th grade. She's accessorizing her first impressions with the Nike Lunarspeed+ Womens. Pretty sharp call!

Whether it's fashion or school supplies, Elda and I both agreed the excitement level is already high with our kiddos for back to school. If you're out there sharing in the same fun with your kids, let us know! We'd love to hear from you on how you're planning for school supplies, shoes, clothing and all the other needs that go with getting your child ready the back to school action!