90 Days Till Christmas!! Anyone who knows me knows I actually start counting down the days in June! Now that it is truly right around the corner, I am beyond thrilled.

Credit: http://www.rachelleb.com/2003/12/05/macys-christmas-windows/

I know for some talk of Christmas reminds them of money and the spending thereof but for me its more about feelings. Christmas for me is not just about the giving and receiving of presents, which is also awesome don’t get me wrong. but personally I'm reminded of the memories I shared with my family: Tree trimming with my mom, who was in my opinion the greatest Christmas decorator, happy christmas songs on the radio, The Christmas Story in the window of Marshall Fields (Now Macy's) on State st. in my sweet home of Chicago, hot chocolate in my PJ's, warm feelings of love, family, and togetherness, and just all around good cheer that I felt was happening all over the world at the same time.

Credit: http://shebicycles.com/

I only wish it came twice a year but since it doesn’t I'm gonna milk it for all its worth and hope it lasts till it comes back around again! And Yes I'm that person with the Tree still up in February.
Have I mentioned I really love Christmas!