We're almost done with March, meaning we're nearly 3 months in to the new year! To be more accurate, we're 79 days into 2015. That leaves 286 days until the near year - 40 weeks and 6 days. Plenty of time to work towards that New Year's Resolution!

That's right! This blog post is a New Year's Resolution Check In! Don't worry - You've got plenty of time. Remember - it only takes 40 weeks for a new person to be born so it's not too late to start! Sure, life happens - Sickness, work, vacation, family and family, holidays. We all know what it's like to fall off the horse, but the important thing is to get back in the saddle!

Getting back in the saddle is great but that doesn't necessarily mean you can ride fast pace from the get go! Take it slow. Baby steps ensure that you don't over-exert yourself, and small victories help boost your self-confidence and make you feel better about getting back into exercising. A study in Canada shows than even an additional 30 minutes of exercise A WEEK can reduce the risk of heart attack by 30%!

Maybe you didn't fall off the horse. Maybe you just didn't find the right horse. That's no problem. There's plenty of different fitness lifestyles out there to choose from, and you can always customize and tailor-fit to your own specific needs. Traditional aerobic/anaerobic mixes may not work for you. In fact, most people I know hate running, especially on a treadmill. That's fine. Do something you enjoy instead. A great way to get that same cardio/strength training mix is to take a class, like Zuma or Kickboxing.

Or maybe you have joint pain and just can't really seem to find a class or machine that works well for you. Or you just don't like going to the gym. Yoga is a great alternative to traditional gym-scene exercising. Plenty of studies have been conducted and prove the inter-disciplinary benefits of Yoga - from flexibility, to muscle strength, to stress-relief.

Still unconvinced there's a healthy lifestyle out there for you? Or maybe you're hesitant to commit the monthly membership money without being sure you'll enjoy it? Not a problem! One of the newest trends to hit the fitness scene is Grouponing. Not only does it save on money, it's non-committal! Try a Zumba Class for a month. Then do Yoga three days a week for 6 weeks. Get unlimited access to an Archery range for the next 4 weeks after that. Explore everything that your city has to offer and keep your exercising new and exciting!