Christmas is Here. Thanksgiving is over. Halloween is long gone. Most of the major stumbling blocks (AKA Holiday Meals & Treats) have passed or will pass soon. This is the time of year people rediscover their resolve and once again commit to a health goal. Others are still committed and continue to work towards that goal.

It's a lot easier to succeed when your goal is tangible. And by that I mean Set a Number of pounds to lose instead of just trying to Lose Weight. Or maybe commit to exercising 3 days a week instead of just exercising more. So while you're trying to determine what you want to do in 2015, why not also consider running a race as your end goal?

Most of the major races have already released their 2015 schedules!

So you're one of those over-achievers who has already been working hard and hitting their goals. Great! If that's the case, why not pit yourself against one of the hardest obstacle courses to hit American Shores? America Ninja Warrior is accepting applicants through January 11 for their 7th season. Apply Here

Maybe you want something steeped a little more in American tradition. Not a problem. The Spartan Race is just 5 years young, having been founded in 2010 in Vermont. It's butt-kicking blend of obstacle courses and racing. Whether you're a tenured runner, or new to the obstacle scene, Spartan has challenges ranging from 3 to over 12 miles of brutal fun. Is fun the right word? Either way, brutal definitely describes it. Check out upcoming events here.

Okay so you're a veteran athlete. Running and sports and whatnot have been part of a good chunk of your life. King Leonidas would humbly bow to your display of anatomic, athletic perfection. That's all fine and dandy, but platitudes account only for so much! Put your money where your muscle is: Compete this year in the Ironman Triathalon. Competitions start as soon as Jan 11 internationally, but the first US event isn't until March 28. Check out the full calendar.

It's okay, Newbie. I too am decades from ever even considering those competitions! I'm lucky if I can exercise for several consecutive weeks. Anyway, there are plenty of introductory events to help get you on the way.

One of the biggest factors tipping this country towards a healthier lifestyle was the show The Biggest Loser. They now host a series of races called The Biggest Loser RunWalk. Just like its namesake, you can participate either by running or walking. The goal is to get Americans just like me (or you!) on their feet and active. They already have 10 races scheduled across the US - Get more details here.

You don't have to go namebrand either. Try something smaller, local, and maybe for a good cause! There's a YMCA in nearly every state. They're constantly sponsoring or hosting races, and proceeds feed directly back into the community or benefit some national charity! Find your local Y to see what's coming up in your area.

Go Big or Go Home. But big is subjective - what does it mean to you? Competing in the Ironman Competiton? Or getting off the couch and going for a jog? Doesn't Matter. Go Big or Go Home.