New Shoe Technology

  1. Ever thought about designing your own shoe?

    Well, if you have, you’d probably want to know that every year there is the World Sneaker Championship footwear design competition hosted by PENSOLE Footwear Academy based in Portland, Oregon and sponsored by several major brands like Nike, Adidas and Jordan.

    The competition starts with 30 students from 16 different nations, with 1 student/designer being crowned the winner. The final eight designers showcase their final designs at FNP, North America’s largest trade show in Las Vegas. The finalists will also have a chance to have their designs sold in retail by the sponsoring brands.

    Visit and PENSOLE to view this year’s finalists and their designs.

    Maybe one day will be selling your design!!!
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  2. How To Find Your Shoes Size For All Brands and Styles

    Finding your shoe size can be tricky, especially when buying a particular pair of shoes for the first time, because a given size for one brand doesn’t measure up exactly to another brand’s size. For example, if you wear a size 11 in Nike, it does not mean you will wear a Converse or Adidas size 11.

    This is why has teamed up with Shoefitr and their 3D Customer Fit Technology to help our customers quickly and accurately find the size that will fit them in any brand.

    Shoefitr is a fantastic option for online shoe shopping. It can be difficult when you are not in the store trying on the shoe. ShoeFitr has developed an online fitting platform that will help you find the right size and fit, making the shopping experience much more enjoyable.

    NBC-DFW local news recently featured, discussing our Shoefitr shoe sizing technology. Watch the clip below and see how Shoefitr determines the right size and fit for you:

    Shoefitr removes the stress of picking the right size and saves you time, knowing that you’ll have the fit you need shipped to you fast.

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