With winter coming, we are starting to see an influx of all kinds of sweaters, hoodies, and nice warm fuzzy slippers. Of course, being down here in the lone star state, we aren't really sure what to do with such things... We started looking north, to find people who are familiar with snow, and ask them what the heck were supposed to do with these things. Unfortunately it turns out that Minnesotans are still a bit upset with us over the whole North stars hockey team debacle. (It's been 20 years, and it was only one cup. Can we bury the hatchet?)

Since that didn't work so well, we skipped over the border to Canada, and started asking around. Turns out Canadians are familiar with the whole snow thing! We kind of stared in disbelief when they talked about the Snowking Winter Festival held every March, where they build a massive snow castle on a lake. Heck by March were already considering turning on the AC for the year!

Baffin Brands is one of our vendors who is from Canada, and it shows in their selection. Not only are they some pretty awesome snowboots brand, but they have these things which are like sleeping bags for your feet!

With dozens of the cities barely getting above freezing in January, we turned down the offer to come visit this winter, but if your there, we will be more than happy to send you some slippers to keep warm! Maybe in the summer...

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