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Throughout the footwear industry, there is no standardization in shoe sizing. This means that a person cannot order the same size cowboy boots every time they purchase. If a shopper were to order their current size every time, he or she would be wrong nearly half the time. For this reason, 1/3 of shoes bought online are returned. Shoefitr will help you find the right size shoe the first time.

Shoefitr is an online fitting platform that helps our customers find the correct size and best fitting shoe, which reduces the need to return your purchase and increases your confidence when shopping at For example; if you are shopping for a running shoe the application will ask you what size running shoe you normally wear. Shoefitr then compares the internal measurements of the shoe you are shopping for to the internal measurements of all similar running shoes and helps you find the right size and fit.

Once this step has been completed, a 3D image will be rendered and you will see detailed composite of the fit comparison between the shoe you are shopping for and the average shoe in that category (e.g. Men’s Running – Trainers).

For our customers purchasing athletic shoes you know how critical fit is to performance, with the Shoefitr technology this means you can shop with confidence at