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Product Review (submitted on January 27, 2014):
As of this review, the gray color of this shoe cost 34.99, down from something like 85.00, but even at it's normal price, it would be worth it for a more attractive color. I love puma, so I bought this shoe intending to replace my beat up Puma Suede Classics as a kick-around work shoe, thinking its leather would be easy to clean and that it's color would hide dirt, and it works very well in these regards. Functionally--because I hate boots--it also keeps my feet dry in moderate snow.

I was surprised to discover that the color isn't the "industrial drab" gray shade I was expecting; it's an amalgam of gray for sure, but I feel as if there's a hint of blue in it, and it's more eye-catching in person. I don't like the white sole--a gum or black sole would be less jarring and more practical--but it's easy to clean.

It's apparent what problems I will have in the future: when bent, the material creases at the toe under the tongue, directly between where the Puma signature swipe design is and where the odd "lip" of the sole comes up; I can see that the stitching will separate here as it has done on my Puma Suede's after extremely heavy use (two years of wearing the shoe every day, at work and at my leisure) and I'm afraid the stiffness of the leather will exacerbate this. It doesn't worry me greatly; it may break in and soften up, or I might use some kind of leather protector / softener; but it's my biggest concern so far.

My other concern is that there isn't a lot of arch support, though that's not something I expected with this style; like every other casual shoe of its ilk, I'll need to invest in an in-sole.

This shoe seems to run slightly bigger than my other pairs of Pumas. I've always worn a 10 1/2, but this shoe in this size has more toe room than other Pumas I've owned in the same size. This is the first pair of high-tops I've owned, so it's possible that this variation has something to do with that, and honestly I think a half-size smaller would be too much.

I've gotten many compliments from wearing these things around. The high top style is great, and the sober coloring is tasteful, not dingy-looking as it may seem from the picture. Over all, I'm very happy with yet another great pair of Pumas, and the price was a great find--I'll keep returning to Shoebacca for sure.