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Salomon Brand History

Salomon Group, or just Salomon for short, is all about mountain sports. This includes hiking, running, snowboarding, skiing, exploration and any event an athlete might choose to attempt on a mountain. It was this fascination and dedication that drives Salomon to engineer products worthy of those equally obsessed with peaks, scenery and challenges associated with mountain ranges.

It was in the French Alps that Francois Salomon discovered his passion and from there he never once looked back. He founded the company in Annecy, France in 1947 with the help of his wife and son. Now with over 2,800 employees, Salomon produces high-end gear for serious athletes. Their skiing and snowboarding products incorporate materials specifically designed for durability on the alps. This durability protects not only the equipments longevity, but also that of the user. Due to this, Salomon gear must be made with as much pride as possible, knowing the lives and careers of mountain goers rest in the soles of their products. Salomon also markets running shoes and trainers as well as active wear designed with the same principles of safety, durability, and speed in mind.

In 1997, Salomon became part of the Adidas Group, later being sold to Amer Sports of Finland for 485 million Euros in 2005, a testimony to the brand’s quick success. With its North American headquarters in Ogden, Utah, Salomon products are readily available for those who seek adventure or exploration on the mountainside trails of the world.