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Reef Brand History

Reef produces thong style sandals that have become iconic across the world. Praised for their comfortable fit, they can be seen worn at beaches, by those opting for casual footwear in the city and even some athletes who desire a break from the stress on their feet.

Two Argentine brothers, Fernando and Santiago Aguerre opened up a surf shop due to their love of the waves and surfing culture. These brothers did not enjoy sitting all day indoors, and needed a shoe that could travel with them wherever they went, providing comfort yet resisting the wear and tear of an adventurous life. With this need came the idea to start up Reef. With $4,000 and a few ideas in mind, they set out to design the world’s best active sandal.

While Reef's logo program allows them to include things such as shirts, sweatshirts, and hats in their product line, they keep their focus where their heart is, right in San Diego, California. Manufacturing right where the surfers come to play, Reef is able to keep their product focused, not just in quality, but in function. Who better to make your Reef Sandals, than the people who want to wear them? Surfers young and old, men and women all enjoy having a sandal that not only is fashionable, but helps keep them connected to the surf and the sand.

In the present day, there now exists a full line of clothing products in addition to the sandals, offering the same level of life-oriented clothing. The brothers are both still very active in Reef and the surfing scene, as Fernando is now the president of the International Surfing Association, working to one day include surfing in the Olympics. This truly makes Reef the brand for all surfers to sport as well as those who simply need an escape.