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Oakley Brand History

Oakley, Inc. draws its inspiration from athletes of all backgrounds, all of which depend on high quality, top of the line products. Using the foremost knowledge in optical innovation studies, Oakley crafts each product with pride and precision.

Originating in the garage workshop of Jim Jannard, Oakley got its start as a progressive force in the industry of invention right from the beginning in 1975. The breakthrough invention of Oakley “O” Frame glasses brought a new staple to the motocross scene, one that would stand as king for nearly two decades. From this, the decision to continue propelling forward as a sunglasses and goggle manufacturer came as no surprise. After being approached by world class athletes and professional sportsmen of all types, as well as patenting over 500 groundbreaking ideas, Oakley now reigns as the benchmark for functional eyewear. Based in Foothill Ranch, California, the company went public in 1995 and grew exponentially with the acquisition of Iacon, Inc, and Oliver Peoples Group. To this day, however, Jim Jannard still owns a majority share of the company, ensuring his ideas and quality never cease to define Oakley products.

Oakley products are born not only of signature unmatched ideas but also from the engineering genius of Oakley production facilities. Using top of the line technology, researchers design, build, and test potential Oakley products until standards are met for performance gear. From this intense stage involving meticulous use of software based design interface all the way to the construction with next-generation polymers and electromagnetic radiation, Oakley products undergo review after review. Tests for durability, comfort, functionality and style ensure that nothing receives the Oakley logo without earning it.

In addition to eyewear, Oakley also produces watches, footwear, apparel and accessories for those who cannot afford sub-par performance products.