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Keds Brand History

Keds sneakers set the bar for all other sneakers on the market, quite literally. In fact, Keds Shoes introduced the world to sneakers by creating what is now one of the most popular types of footwear.

Keds Shoes came together in 1916 with the release of the sneaker, nicknamed for the rubber sole that allowed individuals to “sneak around” due to its lack of noise against the ground when walking. The name stems from the Latin “Peds,” meaning feet, but due to an existing trademark the company finally decided on Keds. Keds Shoes were introduced by U.S. Rubber, which later became Uniroyal Goodrich and was eventually bought by Michelin. Keds Shoes became increasingly popular casual shoes throughout each decade with popularity in preppy teens, DJ’s, soccer moms and pro athletes alike. Keds have even been featured in movies and television series throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s as the footwear of popular female actors. The lack of male enthusiasm in the canvas-toped sneaker changed after the release of The Champion sneaker which allowed for multiple colors and patterns to add individualistic style to the traditional Ked.

Keds also championed the sneaker worldwide, with any general athletic shoe in countries such as India often being called a “Ked” just like Americans might say “sneaker” or “tennis-shoe.” To this day many schools require Keds Shoes for physical education classes or uniform. Keds even has celebrity support from Taylor Swift, who recently released a line of shoes with the company.

In 2012, Keds joined Wolverine World Wide, which allows Keds Shoes international spotlight and availability, spreading the dominance of a true American classic. With the innovation of the sneaker, classic canvas-upper style and modern flashes of color, Keds offers a timeless shoe for those seeking utmost comfort and fashion.