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DVS Brand History

Tim Gavin and the Dunlap Brother, Mike, Kevin, and Brian, founded DVS Shoes back in 1995. Their vision involved creating a footwear brand entirely devoted to the sport of skateboarding. Little did they know their company would cause such a global impact in the shoe industry, and expand in more ways than one.

DVS Shoes began to be more common to consumers around the globe. With additional stores and new products, customers began to categorize DVS as a powerhouse in the shoe industry. Gavin and the Dunlap brothers noticed an increase in demand for their company's products, and were determined to expand the company's styles. They began making designs built on other sports such as surf, snow, and motor.

As a figurehead in the shoe world, DVS was successful in maintaining a steady flow of income-a rather high one at that. With the money to spend, Gavin and the Dunlap brothers invested in their products, ensuring the best technological advances were instilled in their shoes. With advanced shoe techs such as Bruise ControlTM impact technology, Flex FeelTM ultra light outsole, Cruise ControlTM cushioning system, and CGTTM cold grip technology, DVS has reached the spot with top competitors such as Nike, Reebok, and Puma.

Founders of DVS Shoes built this company with a simple vision and solid foundation. Through dedication, and the perseverance to fight alongside top contenders, Gavin and the Dunlap brothers have made it possible for their dream to come true, and remain standing many years to come.