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DC Shoes Customer Reviews

  1. Pretty good by Ben

    I think the DC Shoes REBOUND B SHOE GO6 is an overall good shoe. With a unique style in color it I perfect for a good skate board look.

DC Shoes Brand History

DC Shoes is a brand that uses its obsession with skate culture to create products best suited for the urban skater’s needs. With a passion for extreme sports, this desire to provide top shelf items extends to multiple events including snowboarding, BMX and motocross.

DC Shoes started as an idea back in 1990 at community college in southern California. Two students, Ken Block and Damon Way met one another while in class and decided to start up a clothing brand called Eightball. Both men avid skaters, and the clothing line took the direction of typical skate wear, both casual and performance based. Droors Clothing line was launched using Eightball’s popularity, and the two were housed under Circus Distribution after the 1993 release of Type A snowboards. It was at this time Block and Way decided to make shoes and thus, DC was born. Due to the popularity of the snowboarding line at this time, DC Shoes hit the skate parks with instant success, releasing signature model shoes by Collin McKay and Danny Way by 1994. The next year, Rob Dyrdek and Rudy Johnson joined the DC team and quickly began to innovate. With the addition of more and more members each year, DC went on to form a snowboarding team, Motocross team, surf team, BMX team and skate team, each sporting DC. This was advertising through performance; the better the athletes performed in the shoes, the higher DC’s quality reputation climbed. DC’s popularity was not all flash however; they made several technological advancements including PAL AB2000, a type of polyurethane-covered leather with properties of both plastic and leather. This material allowed for flexibility yet durability throughout DC Shoe’s product lines. DC also put forth the patented air bladder system for increased comfort and reduction of heel lift in snowboarding boots

DC also gives back to the community, creating the Rob Dyrdek/DC Skate Plaza Foundation in 2003 which aims to bring skate parks to more and more cities so that all kids can have the opportunity to skate. In addition to these, DC also built several performance and extreme sports parks including the Motor Training Facility in Pala, California.

With a history born out of the love of skating, anyone seeking a skate shoe must consider the quality, and pride displayed by DC, a genuine passion expressed through the unique designs of DC Shoes.