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asics running shoes

asics running shoes

Asics Customer Reviews

  1. Great Product! by Atiya

    The shoe looks great in person. It's lightweight and very comfortable . The shipping time was extremely fast !

Asics Brand History

ASICS is a company determined to create the highest quality products on the market while simultaneously keeping the athlete in mind. The very name of the company displays this mission as it is an acronym for Anima Sana In Corpore Sano, meaning A sound mind in a sound body. This pledge for perfection is aided by ASICS unending search for top of the line materials to give athletes any advantage possible.

This major athletic footwear company owes its great success to humble roots. What is now one of the leading sports brands in the world began in the living room of a man named Kihachiro Onitsuka in 1949. He originally named the brand Onitsuka Co. Ltd. Based in Kobe, Japan, the growing company later renamed itself to ASICS in 1977; the same year sales became available in the United States.

ASICS did not simply stop at the production of an excellent product, but instead continues to drive the entire industry forward with research into newer and more advanced sports technology. This high-end technical research is carried out at the Research Institute of Sports Science in Kobe. This institute combines state of the art athletic environments with top quality athletes to study the maximum potential of the human body. The caliber of scientific work at this facility is equally as impressive, employing high speed cameras and computer software to measure every possible variable. With the performance of athletes in mind, the ASICS scientists tailor their efforts to further push the edge of capability, using their products as tools to climb towards this goal.

Athletes regularly visit Kobe to receive individual measurements and attention in order to tailor each detail of athletic equipment to the needs and demands of such top performers.

The decision to choose ASICS running shoes is not merely the decision to use quality gear, but rather to wear progressive and specifically engineered equipment good enough for specialized athletes.

Structured Cushioning: we recommend something from the Gel – Kayano, GT 2000 or GT 1000 franchise

Cushioning: try the a Gel – Nimbus or Gel - Cumulus running shoe

Neutral or Natural: Gel – Excell33 and Gel - Super J33 would be your choice

Lightweight Performance: Gel – Noosa Tri is a great shoe and is loaded with features specific to triathlons